Life Sciences 4.0 is an association (founded in 2022) promoting co-operation and
mutual connections between companies and universities in the field of the life
sciences. The association is sponsored by Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce
whose activities complement the work of the association appropriately.

We aim to support the local business environment, enhance the attractiveness of the
research environment and support its accessibility. We aim to create the right
environment and suitable opportunities for meeting up, sharing experiences and
working together throughout the Czech Republic, though particularly in the Brno
region, for which reason we organise co-operative events, workshops and
conferences and meet up regularly with universities (Masaryk University and Brno
University of Technology). We provide information about new developments and
business opportunities, create podcasts – interviews with interesting personalities,
and comment on legislative proposals.

We received financial support for our activities from the budget of the Statutory City
of Brno both last year and this year (2024).

Working groups that we are developing within our platform: 1. Pharmaceutical
companies, 2. Universities and research, 3. Manufacturers of medical devices and
telemedicine, 4. In vitro diagnostics, 5. Production, control and assistive technologies.
(6. Cosmetology and dietary supplements).

Topics we are addressing: the digitisation of healthcare, the pharmaceutical
industry, telemedicine and the new challenges of artificial intelligence (AI) in the life
sciences, the BioPharma Hub and VTP, ERA Chair – ExcellPharmTech – the
interdisciplinary Centre of Excellence at the Faculty of Pharmacy at Masaryk
University, the green transition in the life sciences according to new legislative
standards and the circular economy (improving energy efficiency in companies, the
introduction of renewable sources and the resulting pitfalls for companies), lobbying
for legislation, engaging with the public administration – in particular drug self-
sufficiency, support for universities and secondary schools in the life sciences in the
Brno region – the improved preparation of students for subsequent employability at
companies (assistance from companies in the creation of educational programmes
and syllabuses, new projects and steps for improved efficiency, mutual co-operation
between universities), support for the research environment and its accessibility,
foreign opportunities for companies in the life sciences, other topics according to
current requirements…

Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce and Universities

The platform is run by Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce and its key co-
operating partners are Masaryk University (MUNI), Brno University of Technology
(BUT) and the Statutory City of Brno.

A strong grouping has greater opportunity to influence Czech and EU legislation, for
example, than a lot of small players operating on their own. Another important
element is the regional scope of the platform – by speaking with a single voice,
companies (in spite of their different professional orientation) can have a greater
influence on what’s going on in Brno and South Moravia, such as the further
development of the planned MUNI BioPharm Hub (infrastructure for pharmaceutical,
medical and natural science fields) and the science and technology park. The competitive position of innovative local companies is the key to meeting future

Masaryk University and Brno University of Technology are both interested in
supporting entrepreneurship among students and bringing education and practice
closer together. They place an emphasis on interdisciplinarity and lifelong learning.
The Life Sciences 4.0 platform as a co-operating partner can help to
communicate and convey the requirements and recommendations of
companies to these universities.

Who can get involved?

Pharmaceutical, biotechnological and veterinary companies, manufacturers of
medical devices, companies operating in the field of medical cosmetics, hospitals,
private surgeries, pharmacies, suppliers to the health sector, clinical, biochemical,
microbiological and environmental laboratories, etc., consulting companies in
We divide our members into five working groups:

  1. Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies
  2. Universities and research
  3. Telemedicine and manufacturers of medical devices
  4. In vitro diagnostics
  5. Cosmetology and dietary supplements

Come and join us

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Project manager
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Mgr. Zuzana Jorová, MBA
Marketing and PR
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Mgr. Jana Žaludová
Business Development Manager
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